Welcome to The Godless Century!

This is your battle toolkit for fighting the war against religious extremists in your town and across our country. Whenever you have a skirmish against the evangelicals, homophobes and other denizens of the cultural underworld, you can come here for the ammunition you need to mow them down. Just skim through the links below and you will find all sorts of handy material you didn’t know existed, most of it derived from the Bible itself.

These links will help you prove that the Bible cannot be relied on in debate, particularly since no one knows who wrote it;
that a lot of Christians have never read the Bible;
that Christians can’t even define what they mean by God, let alone prove his existence;
that there are a lot of questions Christians can’t answer about their faith and their Book;
that their God and their Bible are immoral and unfit for exposure to children;
that a lot of the things Christians say about their faith and about homosexuals are dead wrong;
that the founders of Christianity told Christians to ignore Old Testament law, which includes the alleged ban on gays;
that it’s time to respect the Constitution and stop treating atheists like lepers;
that gays and lesbians deserve a long list of rights they don’t have yet;
and that America will be a better place when Christian zealots stop telling the rest of us what to do.

First, we look at the Bible itself. We review the evidence that the Bible was written by men without divine help, and cannot be relied on as a source. Links: 

Next we look at the insoluble problems posed by Christian faith. How do we define God? How to we explain all of the crimes, follies, lies and illogic that underpin the faith? Links:

Next we look at some of the Jesus people. Links:

Next we look at some of the whoppers the Jesus people tell us. Links:

Next we look at atheists. Links:

Next we completely tear apart the Christian argument against gay marriage. Links:

Next we debunk the Christian attacks on gays. Links:

Next we look at gays and the battles they’re fighting. Links:

Next we figure out how to push back against religious extremists. Links:

Next we hear from the great atheist thinker of the 19th century, Bob Ingersoll. Links: